News published Friday, October 07, 2011

RHESTUS has just released the first news about the release of its new album, the third of career and still untitled.

At first it is a disc with a central concept, as told by the singer Alex Fantasma, “the disc is conceptual in the point of view of the title, the tracks themselves have no relation, but the album as a whole. The work will take between 8 and 9 songs, but it is still early to tell, since it depends on the actual process”.

The band said that the issue turns around the main conflicts and problems that society faces today. “It’s nothing new, but it is a flag that we need to strengthen and show that we are not satisfied of how the world is moving. We want to discuss the matter at the root, with a strong message, directly and consciously”.

The recordings are due later this year and soon the band will tell us more details about the successor to the acclaimed ‘Games Of Joy… Games Of War!’.

Be sure to check also the official music video for the track ‘Games Of Joy… Games of War!’:

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