News published Friday, October 07, 2011

The Death metallers from CRUSCIFIRE just sealed a partnership with the label Two Beers Or Not Two Beers for the distribution of their most recent album, ‘Chaos Season’.

“We are delighted to close this partnership with our friends in TBonTB Records. They had already released and distributed our first demo ‘Sick World’ of 2005 and did a great job. I am sure that they will do the same now with ‘Chaos Season'”.

The band, adept to ‘do it yourself’, never hid that thinks this kind of partnership, with serious companies, very beneficial to the scene and to CRUSCIFIRE, “although we are independent, we know the importance of a good distribution and support of companies”. The band also says that is available to partner with other companies that are interested, just get in touch.

‘Chaos Season’ has been very well received by critics and fans and even won an official music video for the song ‘A Letter for My Enemy’. For those interested, the album can be purchased directly from the band, by the label TBonTB, on Metal Media Mailorder and the best specialized shops.

We can not forget to mention that the band released a promotion on its Facebook: To participate, just visit the band’s page and click the ‘Like’ and leave a message: ‘Chaos Season’. 5 ‘Chaos Season’ CDs will be drawn!

The result comes out Oct. 31, Monday, on Facebook and Metal Media site.

Visit now and participate!

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