News published Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Changes in the formation of a band already are commonplace things these days, unfortunately, impossible to avoid. With HELLARISE is no different, the only thing that helps is that we know the gender of the musician will be the female, after all, this is one of the main features of the band and why not one of ‘pride’ of the troupe.

This time, the band announces the arrival from guitarist Aline Fernandes instead Marilia Simões, who leaves the band for personal differences.

The band wishes good luck to Marilia and announces that continues in pre-production on first album. “The pre is flowing as expected, and soon you guys will have more info”.

HELLARISE recently released some videos of their latest concerts, one at Blackmore bar and another at Manifesto Bar in Wacken Metal Battle selective.

The video presentation from the Manifesto can be seen in the official channel on YouTube:

But the highlight is the video recorded at Blackmore Bar, which features well-crafted editing and audio.

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