News published Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is already available for sale the ZOMBIE COOKBOOK’s official shirts.

After the release of 7″ EP ‘CineTrash’ and the excellent reception from the media and public, the undead creatures of ZOMBIE COOKBOOK officially release T-shirts for sale:

“The 7″ EP is already sold out in Brazil and a lot of people has been asking for material, while the new album does not come out, we’re putting the shirt for sale, which summarizes all the themes and style of the band”, says Horace Bones.

And the new material is already in production, the band recently announced the material will be all analogical, not yet titled. “There would have not another way to produce this work. This stubbornness has accompanied us since the old times when we were living” said Hellsoldier, which adds: “Moreover, before we die, that was the only way to record, and we know not deal very well with such modernities”.

The shirts have excellent quality and are being sold with the band itself at a price of US$20.00 + shipping, via e-mail:

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