News published Saturday, July 23, 2011

The upcoming album ‘Live Rituals’ of the band NERVOCHAOS is already in production process and the band announced the final work’s tracklist:
1. Infernal Words
2. Pazuzu Is Here
3. All-Out War
4. Total Satan
5. Dark Chaotic Destruction
6. Perish Slowly
7. Funeral Rites (Sepultura Cover)
8. Pure Hemp
9. Turn Face (Brutal Truth Cover)
10. The Truth Appears

The work will feature songs recorded during the tour promoting its latest album, the acclaimed ‘Battalions of Hate’. Recordings made during the European tour ‘Occult Rituals Over Europe 2011’. The work also features two studio recordings as bonus tracks, one for the ‘Hamlet’ project and the other for the Brutal Truth’s tribute album called ‘An Underground Tribute to Brutal Truth’.

The cover was made by renowned artist Marcelo Vasco and will soon be released.

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