News published Sunday, June 26, 2011

The band WOSLOM has received the affection and recognition of Brazilian fans of heavy music for some time and now our ‘hermanos’ are also recognizing the quality of the band.

The group is participating in the DVD ‘Mass Mutilation’, organized by the namesake label, which features 18 emerging bands from countries that are part of Latin America, besides Brazil has representatives in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

The list of participating bands is as follows:
Osamenta – Bahia Mortal (Argentina)
Unearthly – Murder The Messiah (Brazil)
Here Comes The Kraken – Slaughter Into The Basement (Mexico)
Brutal Noise – Animal Autoxtinction (Argentina)
Tabernacle – Reborn In Chaos (Brazil)
Darkemist – Provoke (Chile)
Blasphemy – War Asymmetric (Venezuela)
Extermination – Bloody Death (Argentina)
Decompose – Cannival Behaviour (Argentina)
Prion – Mediocre Man (Argentina)
Climatic Earth – Liars (Argentina)
Thell Barrio – Mi Verdadera Familia (Mexico)
Ecliptic Sunset – Nine Broken Sorrows (Argentina)
Sadistic Kill – Raising La Sangre (Argentina)
Nafak – Sweat Of Pain (Argentina)
Betrayer – Mothers Of The Pain (Argentina)
In Element – Spiraling (Argentina)
Woslom – Time To Rise (Brazil)

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