News published Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not only in Brazil the album ‘Games of Joy… Games of War’ is reverberating in an exceptional way. The rest of the world seems that also doubled the power of the Brazilian band. So we put together some excerpts of international reviews that the band received so far:

“Despite the long break the guys took after the recording of their debut, this new offering sees them more than well-equipped to compete with all the big names from their homeland and worldwide.” – Bonded by Metal (USA)

At the first sight the band’s sound doesn’t seem to have changed drastically from the past, delivering nearly the same kind of powerful impression.” Classic Thrash (USA)

“Thrash, Thrash only, the ‘Old School’ way of playing, the songs recall bands like Slayer, Exodus, Nuclear Assault and Anthrax (…) Produced with that ‘dirt’ on the sound that makes the style more retro than it really is ‘Games Of Joy… Games Of War!’ is an album created for fans of Thrash Metal (…) it’s certainly worth playing on the radio more than once.” – Aristocrazia (Italy)

“The excellent artwork, and interestingly decorated lyrics booklet all add to the appeal of this album, and I will suggest for any and all thrash metal fans to really make a conscious effort to sample some of the bands work immediately. They may not be household names, but they are beginning to enter cult status, and this fantastic, true to the roots thrash metal album will only further solidify their place as one of the undergrounds favorite bands.” – My Global Mind (Australia)

The band continues to produce its forthcoming music video that is already in final editing. “It is a typical thrash metal Videoclip, and the message its main point” says Alex Fantasma.

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