News published Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ten out of ten serious bands from Brazil dream of playing in Europe and know the difficulties to get gigs there. Already the European bands, ten out of ten bands of old-world dream of playing in the U.S. and know the difficulties of getting gigs in Yankee territory.

The Brazilian band MACHINAGE just jumped in front of many of our European brothers and announced its first tour in North American lands!

“For us it’s been a huge step!” celebrates the bassist Adriano Bauer. But the singer Fábio Delibo does not hide the happiness: “It’s a dream come true! We know how difficult it is to have a chance to enter the U.S. market, we are very happy and we’ll show for the foreigners what the Brazilians are capable “

The dates already confirmed are:

09/06/2011 – Worcester, Massachusetts
11/06/2011 – Raleigh, North Carolina
16/06/2011 – Chicago, Illinois
17/06/2011 – Kirkersville, Ohio (WOM Fest IV)
18/06/2011 – Kirkersville, Ohio (WOM Fest IV)
19/06/2011 – Nashville, Tenessee
23/06/2011 – Cleveland, Ohio
25/06/2011 – Huntington, West Virginia
26/06/2011 – Marietta, Georgia
01/07/2011 – Orlando, Florida
02/07/2011 – Miami, Florida

A turnê americana faz parte da turnê de divulgação do álbum ‘It Makes Us Hate’ que será lançado ainda no segundo semestre! Mais datas serão anunciadas em breve.

The American tour is part of the tour to promote the album ‘It Makes Us Hate’ to be released in the first half of the year! More dates will be announced soon.

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