News published Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As we all know the music industry worldwide is undergoing to a profound and dramatic change. Knowing this, the metalheads of RHEVAN wanted to innovate and release a high quality product completely virtual in the same way that a physical release is made, with massive media coverage. The websingle ‘Drunk With The Blood Of Saints’ has just reached the milestone of 15,000 downloads!

“It’s not just a simple internet single to show that the band is producing something. It is complex and dedicated, made to appear among the collections of the headbangers” says Aldo Carmine, bassist and producer of the single.

The same way that the Internet is inflicting the sales, it has helped to promote bands more concretely in the world. “We have received praise from many corners of the world, especially Mexico and Russia, a country we never imagined to get!” Celebrates the singer Dani Navarro.

All this is worth the effort of RHEVAN in promote the work and the quality of the material, as the guitarist Thiago Azevedo finishes: “We did everything with great dedication and strive for the work was not treated in a superficial manner by the public. I think the people recognized that.”

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