News published Thursday, September 02, 2010

The new album “Battalions of Hate” from the band Nervochaos, was highlighted in the Releases section of the magazine Roadie Crew.

Receiving grade 9/10, Maicon Leite, collaborator, wrote: “The sound that always blended styles other than Death like Grind, Thrash and Hardcore, is guided by the breathtaking speed, a fundamental characteristic of the Nervochaos’ albums. (…) ‘Total Satan’, ‘Dark Chaotic Destruction’, ‘I Fucking Hate You’, ‘All Out War’ and ‘One From None’express honestly declared devotion to death metal, reaching the highest levels of quality” (Roadie Crew).

Besides the review of Roadie Crew, other media gave prominence to the album, which was quoted by the website as Whiplash “Undergorund in the essence of the word” and completes “the result is a vicious hurricane that shows no mercy, so well represented by excellent compositions like ‘Pazuzu Is Here’, ‘Dark Side’ and ‘Perish Slowly’“.

Not only the music but all the graphic work of the CD, a deluxe digipak that opens into an inverted cross, received comments from the media specialist: “At once a unique graphic project here.. Battalions of Hate shows a tremendous evolution in the current sound of the quartet. (…) It’s an album that certifies that Brazil is experiencing the best period in terms of extreme sound“. (Rock Brigade)

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