26/05/2017 PANZER: Third video clip of the “package” is available, check it out!

26/05/2017 TORTURE SQUAD: Check out the band’s new photo session

26/05/2017 WOSLOM: Partnership with company will take the band to the four corners of Brazil and South America

24/05/2017 MACHINAGE: Watch guitar playthrough of the new album’s title track

24/05/2017 ENCÉFALO: Band announces title of their third album

24/05/2017 IT’S ALL RED: Playing live at Roman Roads@LIVES, watch!

19/05/2017 INFESTATIO: New single pays tribute to Jeff Hanneman

19/05/2017 SODOMA: New album celebrates the group’s apex so far

18/05/2017 KRUCIPHA: Lyric video for new track ‘Acceptance’ is available

18/05/2017 DATAVENIA: “Absolutely everything a Heavy and Thrash Metal fan can ask for”

18/05/2017 METALMORPHOSE: New album, ‘Ação & Reação’, available for free audition

18/05/2017 TORTURE SQUAD: Title and tracklist of new album are announced!

18/05/2017 PANZER: Video clip for the song ‘You May Not Have Tomorrow’ is available, watch!

18/05/2017 MACHINAGE: New album released worldwide; Watch the first music video

18/05/2017 BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE TO MOTÖRHEAD: Torture Squad and Hatefulmurder versions available!

12/05/2017 SKINLEPSY: ‘Dissolved’ available on major digital platforms

12/05/2017 X-EMPIRE: Member is endorsee of Russian company!

12/05/2017 AEON PRIME: Review of ‘Future Into Dust’ – Dead Rhetoric

12/05/2017 CAPTAIN FRAPAT: French group premiers new music video

11/05/2017 MACHINAGE: Band announces new line-up

11/05/2017 BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE TO MOTÖRHEAD: Second song released is interpreted by Genocídio

11/05/2017 DARKSHIP: Band announces violinist as official member!

09/05/2017 BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE TO MOTÖRHEAD: Listen to the first song available!

09/05/2017 PANZER: Premiering music video for the song ‘Impunity’

05/05/2017 INFESTATIO: New line-up, new song and many plans

05/05/2017 PATO JUNKIE: Check out some of what’s to come in ‘The Ragdoll’

05/05/2017 THE WASTED: ‘Rotten Society’ also available in digital format

05/05/2017 AFFRONT: Announcing the new line-up and presenting new song

05/05/2017 WOSLOM: Band announces great partnership with Brazilian company Sunset Music

05/05/2017 X-EMPIRE: Listen to first song taken from ‘Grief’

05/05/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Honoring the legendary Motörhead in Brazilian tribute

05/05/2017 TCHANDALA: Band presents cover and title of the upcoming new album!

05/05/2017 MINISTÉRIO DA DISCÓRDIA: New album for free audition on YouTube

03/05/2017 ABRASION: Album available on iTunes, Spotify and major digital distributors

28/04/2017 D.I.E .: New music video is a criticism over the control exercised by the media, watch

28/04/2017 SCELERATA: Musicians comment participation in a great tribute to Motörhead

28/04/2017 ARMORED DAWN: More news about the second album’s recording

28/04/2017 X-EMPIRE: Cover and title of upcoming first album are presented

28/04/2017 SYREN: Watch excerpts from the band’s most recent presentation at Teatro Odisseia

28/04/2017 BAD BEBOP: New album is available for free audition, check it out!

28/04/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Listen to a song taken from the new album

28/04/2017 NERVOCHAOS: More Asian tour dates announced! Show in Vietnam confirmed!

28/04/2017 SINAYA: Single ‘Buried By Terror’ is available on several digital platforms

28/04/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: Band offers ‘Infernal’ album for free download!

28/04/2017 DISTRAUGHT: Song for Motörhead tribute is ready

28/04/2017 ABRASION: New lyric video can already be checked

28/04/2017 THE WASTED: Watch videos of the latest presentation

28/04/2017 ATTOMIC SOLDIER: Announced title of debut album

20/04/2017 BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE TO MOTÖRHEAD: Watch the first teasers taken from the work

20/04/2017 ROMAN ROADS: Company announces the third band of its roster

19/04/2017 ORCKOUT: New music video for the unrealeased song ‘Crawlers’ is available

19/04/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Watch videos from the release concert

19/04/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Touring Asia alongside KRISIUN

12/04/2017 DARKSHIP: Teaser of upcoming single is available

12/04/2017 SKINLEPSY: New CD already available for sale!