25/02/2017 BLACKFORCE: Present in compilation organized by Oráculo Magazine

25/02/2017 NERVOCHAOS: ‘Nyctophilia’ will launch worldwide on April 7; Listen to the first song!

24/02/2017 ENDRAH: Bassist releases video playing title track of the latest EP

24/02/2017 SINAYA: Band begins the recordings of the first album!

23/02/2017 BAD BEBOP: Check out the cover and tracklist of the new album

22/02/2017 METALMORPHOSE: New music video honors Brazilian WWII soldiers

22/02/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: Listen to the first single taken from ‘Infernal’

22/02/2017 CARPATUS: Announced partnership for the new album’s distribution in Brazil

22/02/2017 RISING STATE: Pre-producing first EP

22/02/2017 PATO JUNKIE: Watch the band’s new music video, ‘Bad Memories’

17/02/2017 SINAYA: Video interview for Peruvian magazine Metalis

17/02/2017 MINISTÉRIO DA DISCÓRDIA: New songs available for free!

17/02/2017 SHADOWS LEGACY: Band announces new single, cover and title presented

17/02/2017 TCHANDALA: One of the groups present in the new Imperative Music compilation

17/02/2017 BLACKFORCE: Interview for Colombian magazine

17/02/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Announced Latin American tour next to KRISIUN!

15/02/2017 DARKSHIP: Band announces a new singer

15/02/2017 DISTRAUGHT: Band premieres music video featuring Hibria’s drummer

15/02/2017 AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: New EP ‘Enlighten’ available for free streaming

15/02/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: Presented cover and title of the new album

15/02/2017 MAVERICK: Participating in the compilation of Imperative Music

10/02/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: Band unveils the cover of upcoming debut album

10/02/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: First works available for streaming

07/02/2017 BAD BEBOP: Band signs with North American label!

03/02/2017 IN ABSENTHIA: Listen now to the band’s new single

03/02/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Band releases music videos in 360°!

02/02/2017 BAD BEBOP: Announced the title of the debut album

26/01/2017 TCHANDALA: Hibria’s Iuri Sanson to guest the new album

26/01/2017 DYSNOMIA: Check out new guitarist playing song from ‘Proselyte’

26/01/2017 IN ABSENTHIA: Cover and title of the new album are announced

25/01/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: New album is available for sale; check the first single

24/01/2017 APOKATHILOSIS: Preparing the successor of ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’

21/01/2017 WOSLOM: Present in several ‘best of lists’ of 2016!

21/01/2017 LASCIA: Preparing big news for this year!

19/01/2017 THE WASTED: Debut album available; streaming lyric video

19/01/2017 BLACKFORCE: Physical version of the new EP is also available

18/01/2017 SCELERATA: Watch Francis Cassol performance on drum cam!

18/01/2017 DYSNOMIA: ‘Proselyte’ available on world’s major digital platforms

18/01/2017 IN ABSENTHIA: Band releases single and debut new lineup

18/01/2017 HELLLIGHT: Full concert celebrating 20 years of career is available on YouTube

18/01/2017 DESDOMINUS: Video clip for the track ‘Uncreation’ is available

18/01/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: Introducing the cover and title of new album

18/01/2017 WOSLOM: Lyric video for new album’s title track is available

13/01/2017 CARPATUS: Singles already available on Spotify

13/01/2017 RISING STATE: Watch first single’s “Guitar and Bass Playthrough”

13/01/2017 DISTRAUGHT: Confirmed in Brazilian Motorhead tribute

13/01/2017 PANZER: Band releases music video sung in Spanish

11/01/2017 SCELERATA: Participating on Brazilian tribute to Motorhead

11/01/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: Announcing their first European tour

11/01/2017 SKINLEPSY: Listen to the first song taken from the new album

11/01/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Cover art of ‘Nyctophilia’ is presented

11/01/2017 ORCKOUT: ‘Destination’ EP second song released for listening

21/12/2016 WOSLOM: Cover of Colombia’s Oraculo Magazine

21/12/2016 ARMORED DAWN: Tango meets Metal in new music video

15/12/2016 RISING STATE: First single from the project is available, check it out!