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Metal Media is a media company dedicated to spreading great bands of Heavy Metal, Rock'n'Roll and subgenres, in a professional and honest way both in Brazil and abroad.


The work started in August 2008 by professionals already working in the music business and now the company has bands on its roster, from the most varied aspects of heavy music. Although the primary focus is on communication, Metal Media is not only Press. With all the experience earned from years working with music, we also indicate producers, studios, artists, and take care of any part of shipment of material to record and manufacture and all the necessities required for the professional growth of a band.


Our work is extremely serious and focused on serious people, whether from press, partners, employees, producers, bands and everyone involved in the music scene in a committed way.




If you need any information about the bands we represent, please, feel free to contact us by the e-mail info@metalmedia.com.br and we'll answer you ASAP!

Metal Media is a media and management company specialized in Rock, Metal and subgenres. Learn more about our work by clicking here. Contact us by clicking here.
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